Colours of nature

Late autumn brings such beautiful, rich golden colours to the landscape in France.  These hues certainly lift the spirit, creating a feeling of joy, even when the skies are grey.

The power of nature’s colours to uplift and nurture, can also help
transform our homes by bringing these colours indoors though furnishings
or on walls.

Yet, the prospect of using colours in our homes both excites and daunts.
The sheer breadth of colours to choose from can be overwhelming and
with a fear of getting it wrong, it is so easy to play it safe and to
revert to neutrals.

At Maison Arts we love colour and want to encourage people to use it
more in their homes.  That’s why we colour match quality UK trade paint
to an incredible array of colours.

You can choose colours from established and much loved brands such as
Farrow & Ball (F&B) and Little Greene, or choose from the RAL colour
chart (like Pantone but used by architects and those in the interiors
industry).  F&B’s colour trend predictions for 2021 focus on a return to
the warmer colours of nature such as Tanner’s Brown, Jitney and Treron.

Our range of Earthborn eco paints from the UK also come in colours
inspired by nature - with earthy hues from Muddy Boots, to Lady Bug and
Hobby Wood.

So, if you’ve always played it safe with your colours, then why not get
inspired to bring some new colours into your home - you can always
experiment with just one wall or room and see how you get on.   Come and
explore the colour ranges we have on Maison Arts and let your
imagination go wild!

We will continue our focus on colour over the next few weeks, and if in
the meantime you want some beautiful ideas of how colour can bring life
to your home, please follow us on our new Instagram feed

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