Maison Arts is a boutique, custom rug company with an emphasis on bespoke, hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs for residential and commercial clients who are seeking exclusive designed rugs. Our rugs are carefully designed and feature a selection of bold and original contemporary design concepts. At once, eye-catching and luxurious, our rugs bring immediate character to any room.  

Maison Arts rugs are designed by graphic artist Patrick Astwood. A designer, illustrator and exhibited artist with considerable experience in creating striking visuals, he has developed a rug collection that is both individual and versatile. Emerging as painter in the 90s, Patrick has worked through a number of styles and genres developing a strong visual identity, most notably in his use of colour and composition. 

The line between fine art and graphic design is often a thin one, and this would lead to the designer developing a deeper interest in illustration and commercial design. An extensive period exploring graphics, print making and digital design resulted in a number of one-man shows. And in 2015 he launched a series of bespoke silk scarves for the fashion design label Zendrun 

Rug design presents a new challenge; Maison Arts’ philosophy is that rugs have the potential to be unique works of art and can affect us in the same way. Maison Arts rugs are designed to transcend decoration and assert an appeal and power of their own. They are art to be enjoyed and treasured. 

Maison Arts