The Editions range of rugs offers our customers something special and literally unique. The collection, spread over five diverse galleries, is a series of striking rug designs limited to editions of only one. That’s right, an edition of one.

We all delight in that feeling of exclusivity that derives from owning something that no one else has. This uniqueness enhances our relationship and appreciation of the object and increases its value over the years - especially if it is passed on to future generations.

To help create this spectacular range of rugs, we turned to the highly respected UK-based Clerkenwell Rug Studio. Clerkenwell has many years of insightful experience and specialised knowledge of the bespoke rug and carpet market; from the manufacturing process to working closely with the arts and design community. It has a long heritage of producing high quality rugs that are completely bespoke and suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

Order your Editions rug today, or email us to discuss your requirements. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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