MAISON ARTS is one of the very few suppliers shipping quality British paints to France. The paints we use are all Johnstone's trade, the highest quality trade range, and we can supply all of their colour range. We also colour match to brands such as Farrow & Ball, Little Green and Fired Earth to a high degree of accuracy. For those of you seeking a more eco-conscious approach, we are pleased to introduce Earthborn paints. Earthborn, another UK brand, is changing the way people think about quality paint by producing oil and acrylic free alternatives.


MAISON ARTS is pleased to announce that we are the sole supplier to France of the incredibly popular British eco paint Earthborn. Acrylic and oil free, Earthborn is renowned as a true eco alternative to conventional paints. Boasting high quality and high performance, it is great for humid environments and is 100% breathable. It is also ideal for old and listed buildings, and especially for painting lime plaster. With a great range of colours to choose from, we invite you to place your order today.